So, what's Lime Maids all about?

We’re a platform designed to provide reliable and sustainable home cleaning, on demand. Cleaners view us as a supportive ecosystem that provides them with consistent work, while still having the flexibility of being their own boss. To our clients, we’re the accessible bridge to a network of friendly, conscious home cleaners.

We're out to do some crazy cool things.

Making home cleaning accessible, while improving the outlook of what it means to be a home cleaner. That’s our goal. As we grow, we’re continuing to look for new ways to integrate our respect for the planet and those who call it home with a working business model. Prioritizing local business, creativity, environmentalism, and kindness along the way.

Ok, here’s our vision.

For cleaners

Being a house cleaner isn't considered the ideal job, even though it comes with infinite perks. We're making it seen as the viable career choice for all.

For clients

Being sustainable from your home is easier than we think. We're working to enlighten our clients to the conscious lifestyle they could be leading.

For our planet

We love our planet... like really love it. Our mission is to use the power of business to give back to it through donations, events, and more.

For us

We want our team to be happy, creative, and successful. If we can accomplish that for them, we'll be the most satisfied people around.

This is the story of us.

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Opening in 2017, Lime Maids began as a side project for Jasper while at the University of Vermont. The mission was simple: make the process of finding and booking a reliable home cleaner easier.

Soon enough, though, 2020 came around with a global pandemic in store. Jasper’s partner Katie hopped on board, and the two decided to shut down for a couple months to revitalize the company with a new focus on sustainability & community care.

Today, we’re operating in both Vermont and Rhode Island and are dedicated to bringing our conscious approach to cleaning across New England.