Join our team and enjoy all the benefits of being a Lime Maids cleaner.

Get paid to keep your planet clean.

Get $50 for each cleaner you refer!

Why work with Lime Maids?

Working with Lime Maids, you’ll enter a community that’s creatively incorporating sustainability into our business practices and lifestyle. The work we’re doing is something to feel good about. By joining us, you’re helping to spread our message of giving back to the planet. This is the work environment that our cleaners are proud to be a part of.

Connect with clients

We'll connect you to clients specifically looking for conscious cleanings. Enter our ecosystem & have the means to work for yourself and the planet.

Set your own hours

The best cleaner is one who feels empowered. We're here to promote your work-life balance. Set your own hours and we'll respect them.

Get paid weekly

We'll send you over your cleaning commission via direct deposit once per week.

Lime Maids is not an employer, but simply connects independent service professionals with customers.

What are the requirements?

Becoming a cleaner with Lime Maids is like entering a partnership. We both work with each other in a beautiful symbiotic relationship. When we present you with a job opportunity, we trust that you are conscientiously working, representing our ethos, and enjoying the task at hand.

Here are a few of our requirements:


You don't need to be a cleaning mastermind, though we do ask that you have relevant experience prior to working with us.

Clean background

When choosing people to work with, we prioritize ethics. That's why we background check each and every one of our applicants.


No one likes cancelations. We ask you to have reliable transportation to take you to and from every cleaning you're assigned.

Strong references

So we're certain that you are as skilled as you say you are, we'll ask for 2-3 references who we can verify your expertise with.

Cleaning Supplies

Come prepared. We ask all our cleaners to be properly equipped with their own supplies for each job they're assigned to.

Liability insurance

To ensure everyone's covered, we ask you to provide liability insurance. This can be easily setup on-demand and at a low-rate.

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