Conscious Cleaning during COVID-19.

We’re here to protect cleaners, clients, and our community during these times.

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Here're some precautions we're taking.​

As a cleaning platform, you can imagine that we’re taking COVID-19 quite seriously. If you select the free ‘COVID Safety’ extra when booking with us, here are some measures your cleaner(s) will take:

Mask & gloves

All cleaners will wear a fresh face mask and pair of gloves for each cleaning they perform in your home.


We ask cleaners report to us if they have any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who does.

Max 2 cleaners

Only two people are allowed on-site per cleaning. This either means two cleaners, or one cleaner and one client.

Note: If your see your cleaner(s) not following these precautions, please inform us immediately.

Making sure everyone's taken care of.

We’ve also taken some measures to ensure that cleaners are educated, and our clients’ voices are heard.

CDC guidelines

Each cleaner has been sent the CDC's guidelines for properly cleaning and disinfecting homes during the COVID pandemic.

Custom cleans

As always, you can make your own custom cleaning checklist with us. If there're any specific measure you need taken, just let us know!

Custom supplies

If you'd like us to sanitize using any chemical supplies, simply select 'no green cleaning' when booking and provide whatever you'd like.