Our business model is a bit different than you might be used to. To clear up confusion, here’s a list of some unique terms we use and their definitions.

Lime Maids is a platform designed to act as a referral agent connecting local independent green cleaning professionals with people in need of a cleaning service. In a sense, we are similar to ‘Uber’ for cleaning, with a boutique, Earth-friendly, twist.

Independent cleaners
All professional cleaners who work with Lime Maids are independent contractors, not employees. As a referral agency and platform, Lime Maids’ business model relies on finding and connecting these professionals to people who need cleaning services.

Each independent Lime Maids cleaner carries their own general liability insurance and regularly verifies their insurance eligibility with us.

Green Cleaning
The independent cleaners we work all use green, non-toxic cleaning supplies. We do not tell them which specific green supplies to use, or how to use them.

Conscious Cleaning
We define this as a home cleaning which is Earth-friendly and provided by an independent cleaner who we have identified as professional, kind, and caring for the planet.