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Our flex client program

Flexible on scheduling? Get 40% off cleanings with our flex program.
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Get 40% off your cleanings

Our Flex Program is an invite-only program for clients who are flexible on scheduling.

We often have new cleaning techs who have completed our training, but still need their schedule filled. Flex Clients understand that while our goal is always 100% satisfaction, cleaning still takes practice. They’re comfortable with being the first test for our new team members to see if they can deliver 5-star cleaning. Basically, in exchange for working with our newest cleaners, you get your home cleaned regularly at a big discount. As a Flex Client, we also appreciate it when you let us know when our new hires miss the mark so we can send them back for a redo. It’s a chance for them to get better at what they do. Also, we also ask our Flex Clients to help spread the word about us on social media and to your friends, family, and neighbors. Repetition is key for us to succeed!

Since we constantly need to keep all our team members’ schedules full, we will occasionally ask that you either bump up or down your cleaning day/time that week for any last minutes changes.

These adjustments will be only for those specific visits, and will occur infrequently (in the event of bad weather, illness, etc.). You’ll also be notified immediately when a change needs to be made so you can adjust accordingly.

Since you’ve been invited, we already think you’re a great fit! 

But to be sure, the Flex Client Program is right for you if you’re:

✅ Flexible with your scheduled cleaning time and day, and open to receiving regular scheduling-related updates.

✅ Laid-back, easy-going, and value hands-on experience as the most effective teaching method.

✅ Ok with different techs cleaning your house occasionally, but prioritize the end result— a clean home.

✅ Interested in promoting small businesses to your friends and family.

No. You, as well as Lime Maids are free to leave the program at anytime.

If you feel you’re not a good fit, then we’re happy to put you back on the schedule as a “full pay” client, with prioritized cleaning days/times/techs for each visit.

For existing clients, simply reply back to the email you received this link from, and we’ll send you a new quote with your discount and terms attached.

For new clients, fill out our quote request form and write “flex” in the additional comments section. We’ll then reach out to provide your flex quote.

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