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The Story of Lime Maids

Learn all about our story, where we came from, and where we’re headed.

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Opening in 2017, Lime Maids began as a side project for Jasper while at the University of Vermont. The mission was simple: make the process of finding and booking a reliable home cleaner easier.

Soon enough, 2020 came around with a global pandemic in store. Jasper’s partner Katie hopped on board, and the two decided to shut down for a couple months to revitalize the company with a new focus on sustainability & community care. While Jasper was able to sustain following the pandemic, he knew that Lime Maids had a huge potential and would be better reached under new ownership with someone that had a long-term passion for building it.

In August of 2021, Lime Maids was acquired by Samantha Jacobs. Since this transition of ownership the overall business model of Lime Maids has shifted, but the vision stayed the same. Instead of remaining a platform that connected cleaners to clients, Samantha changed our business model to a full service cleaning business with trained employees.

This change has allowed Lime Maids to set our cleaners up for greater success by providing proper tools, training, and feedback. The systems and structure has allowed Lime Maids to provide a consistent level of service for our customers – no matter which team member walks through your doors. This change has also opened up opportunities for our team to advance in leadership roles and earn benefits.

The vision of Lime Maids started by Jasper to provide a flexible, independent job with a positive company culture has remained the same. We want our cleaners to feel like they are their own boss, and we want to build a recurring schedule of clients for them. With that being said, the systems and processes in place provide true accountability for our team – ensuring that our customers are receiving quality service.

Under new leadership, Lime Maids has retained all 3 cleaners that were onboard at the time of transition, and have added 15 more throughout the course of the following year. We have grown our recurring client base from 39 to 150+, and we continue to grow rapidly. Every day we are committed to developing systems and training for our cleaners, operations manager, and customer service manager – so that Lime Maids can continue to grow and make our client’s lives better.

In 2023, we implemented new software so our clients can easily manage their bookings with us, as well as help us create more optimized routes. We also improved our hiring, onboarding & training processes for cleaners, to further increase our standards. We’re excited to build upon this foundation in 2024, along with our new Field Office Manager, to continue the success of Lime Maids.

Many changes have taken place since August 2021, but our mission stays the same. We are the Conscious Cleaning Community.

Our Mission Statement:

At Lime Maids, our mission is to create a reliable and consistent service for our clients by fostering the continual evolution and personal development of our employees at all levels of our organization.

We strive to make a lasting impact on our people, clients, and community by making lives better through the continuous growth of our employees. By nurturing personal development, empowering self-improvement, and fostering a culture of high integrity and accountability, we aim to create a wave of positive impact that extends to our clients and the wider community.

Our Core Values

Get it Done

  • We show up and make it happen no matter what, even when there are obstacles in the way. When we give our word to something, we make sure it gets done to the highest level and quality possible.


  •  We take pride in doing work to the highest possible level. We do a good job because that’s who we are, not because we are being micromanaged. We are self-reliant and produce our own results.

Servant Leadership

  • We are all working together. We know what we do affects you and vice versa. We both do the best we can possibly do to make each other’s lives as easy and successful as possible.

Transparent Communication

  • We are responsive, listen & understand client needs to improve your experience. We are transparent with you about expectations while doing our best to meet your needs and understand your concerns.
  • We have clear & open communication across the company. We can come to our team & managers to share concerns, thoughts + feedback while knowing we will be heard. We aren’t afraid of having the difficult conversations for the best of the company.


  • We show up with an enthusiastic attitude and even on the tough days we still have fun, laugh & smile with the team because we know that energy is infectious. It isn’t about hiding negative emotions but understanding that we do best when we can go through hard times but still see the things to be grateful for.
  • We make the lives of everyone else on our team & our clients better simply by being the person we are being and the energy we bring to the work we you do. When things go “wrong” we always look to see the lesson on it and what we can do better, while moving forward in a positive light.

Personal Development

  • We have a desire to improve & better ourselves everyday. We want to grow and work so that we can create a better future for ourselves and we know that we can count on each other for support and to provide more opportunities for us to grow.
  • We have a desire to increase our financial independence, stability, schedule flexibility. We want to create goals and work towards them long-term. It’s not just a cleaning job with us, it’s a future we are creating.

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